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5 Star Rating

To have a modern, contemporary property with high end furniture and
appliances does not necessarily mean it is a 5 star villa, here are some key
features to consider if you wish to offer a 5 star holiday house.

  • Electric safe required in at least 2 of the main bedrooms
  • Hair-Dryer to be provided in each bedroom
  • Air condition required in each bedroom
  • TV’s to be provided in all main bedrooms
  • Window covers, fully block outs to be provided in all bedrooms
  • 100% cotton (White) linen
  • Full length 100% cotton towels
  • A minimum of 2 outstanding quality pillows per sleeping position, proportionate to the size of the bed with an additional pillow and blanket in the bedroom
  • Coffee and tea facilities in all the bedrooms
  • I pod docking station in main living area

Classic Property Management Package:

Property inspection and advice for rental purposes

We would do a full property inspection and advise the owner’s if anything needs to be changed, removed or added to make the property suitable for rental.

Property inspection and advice for rental purposes

We would do a full inventory of the owner’s property and note down all furniture, kitchen utensils, and damages the need to be recorded. We will set up, style and photograph the property at our own expense (should you require a professional photographer) that will be at the owner’s expense.

Security Deposits​

We would at all times with-hold a reasonable security deposit to cover damages which may be incurred during a rental. We would do a “walk-through” with the tenant on check-ins as well as check-outs. In the event of any damages we would handle/arrange to have it repaired as soon as possible, and bill the tenants accordingly. We strive to keep the properties in top shape at all times.

Guest relations/concierge services​​

We want to ensure that our guests have a memorable experience and offer a complimentary concierge service. It starts by arranging additional services such as airport transfers, car hire, private chef’s, restaurant bookings, baby equipment rentals etc.

We want our guests to have a relaxing holiday so we try to pre-arrange every-thing in advance so there is not much to think about when they arrive at the villa. We update our guests with the most recommended restaurants as well as the best family activities.


It is the owner’s responsibility to ensure that the villa is maintained to the best possible condition and that the property is without defects.

Problems that may occur during a rental:

We all know this is not a perfect world and that things can go wrong, it is our responsibility to fix any problems that may occur during a booking in the fastest time possible. In the event of a problem/defect at the property, the guests will contact us and we will inform the owner. It is the owner’s responsibility to get the problem solved with-in the shortest time possible, but we would assist where-ever we can. We would correspond with the guests and update them on the progress. 


It is the owner’s responsibility to provide house-keeping Monday to Friday, sufficient staff as well as cleaning materials. Other discussions can however be made should the owner request us to tend to the above.

Villa Manual

We will supply a well-drawn up villa manual, which will have all the emergency numbers, basic instructions of the villa, pass-words of (Wi-Fi and armed response units) etc.


We would handle all reservations including accounts and book-keeping.

Executive Property Management Package:

Our executive property management option is an all-inclusive property management package which has been designed especially for foreigners who have purchased properties in Cape Town and wish to have their expenses paid, earn an income and still enjoy their villa from time to time.

The executive package includes all of the above with the exception of maintenance, house-keeping and fine details to go above and beyond to make the owners property truly special. Please see below what is included in addition to the above:


We take full responsibility for maintaining the property.


We take full responsibility for managing all utilities such as DSTV, internet service providers, gas refill, armed response services etc.


We will arrange our own staff for house-keeping, as well as cleaning materials which will be at our own expense. No employee contracts/staff issues/complaints/employee rights/leave etc for the owners to deal with.

  • Bathroom accessories will be supplied (Shampoo/conditioners/lotion) etc.
  • Bathrobes for the master bedroom
  • Welcome signs for all guests (Meet and Greet services)
  • Universal adapters in each bedroom

Please submit our property management form for more information

Please submit our property management form for more information

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